I love life.

I have enjoyed three diverse careers: a decade in architecture that included working with famous 20th-century visionary Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller; running my own couture fashion business; and working as a mental health therapist, in both agency and private practice. I also created Living a Fearless Life, a 12-workshop program designed to help society’s most at-risk women increase their self-esteem, which was piloted in the Philadelphia Prison System.

But it was when I started paying attention to the many miracles I have experienced since I was 19 that gave me absolute faith in having a personal relationship with God and brought me true happiness. From then on, I found that the more my awareness was raised, the sharper my intuition became, and the more I trusted it for guidance. This cultivated inner voice has enabled me to recognize coincidences as divine communication and encounter miracles, experiences I share in my memoir, The Divine Language of Coincidence – How Miracles Transformed My Life After I Began Paying Attention.


Spirituality is my bedrock. Although I am a Greek Orthodox Christian, my religion is Love and Compassion and I will listen to anyone who professes it. I studied the Torah with an Orthodox Jewish rabbi. I have been greatly influenced by the teachings of the Toltecs, Buddha, and especially Jesus, not only by his words, but by the example of his actions. I share his biggest pet peeve, hypocrisy. It was A Course in Miracles that brought me to a deeper understanding of the “Christ Mind.” I believe that you, I, God, and the Universe, are All One. Quantum physics says so.

I live in Philadelphia with my architect husband, Frank. Our adopted daughter, Eleni, is pursuing her career in public health policy. These two remarkable people are living proof that blood does not need to be shared to have a love-filled family.

My affiliations include membership in the American Counseling Association, the Ladies Philoptochos Society, a charitable arm of the Greek Orthodox Church, and the Stockton Friends of Hellenic Studies. I have also served on the Development Board of Covenant House, which provides shelters for homeless youth.

My four scrabble sisters and I have been playing the game and sharing life’s ups and downs since 1985. I love cooking, eating, dancing, and laughing with my friends and family. One day, I hope to master the jazz drums. I travel every chance I get. I am truly awed by the beauty of both the built and natural environment of our amazing planet, and the richness of the variety of cultures inhabiting it.

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