The Power of Miracles

My aspiration is to share extraordinary events that happened in my life to inspire belief that miracles are real and accessible to everyone. If they can happen to me, they can happen to you.

What people are saying about

The Divine Language of Coincidence…

“You have written a truly remarkable book. I am glad that you listened to your inner voice and decided to pen your amazing life of coincidences which led to nothing short of miracles. I feel that from your stories and how you transformed your life there are many lessons to be learned. Your book gives much food for thought.” — Pushpa Hargovan

“I finished reading it late last night. Well, truth be told, it was early this morning. Once I got into the book I couldn’t put it down! This resulted in staying up way too late for several nights in a row. I blame you for my lack of sleep these last few days! I feel like I know you much better now, having shared in the extraordinary life events you have taken the time to describe so beautifully. Wow. Just. Wow. Sophia, your book is amazing – and important – especially in these challenging times!” — Debra Greene, Ph.D., author of Endless Energy

You are not giving the world something and asking us to believe it is true or that it qualifies as a miracle. You are giving the world parts of your life that you found inspiring and inviting us to share in that inspiration. Your book is an invitation to celebrate the miracle perspective, not a challenge to believe in that perspective. Let that celebratory energy give your story wings.” — Mary Reed, author of Unwitting Mystic–Evolution of the Message of Love

“Although this book is nonfiction, it reads like a novel. Sophia‘s life is illustrated throughout her book as a fantastic journey, an exciting adventure, a page turner. She walks us through her life of seemingly random events such as we all have experienced, and illustrates how those events are neither random nor ordinary. They are in fact, road signs along a Divine path. The recognition or realization of these experiences requires our ability to identify those events as heavenly communication.” — Linda Biando

What a delight it was! I couldn’t read it fast enough. I found it compelling, interesting, fascinating, informative and just plain exciting to read. What a teacher you are of trusting the Universe and letting God be your guide.” — Christine Fleming

“I thought what an amazing journey! The book focuses on Sophia’s journey to personhood and the path she takes to achieve it. I am sure that the Dalai Lama would read it and like it.” — David Berg, Ph.D.

“Perfect to read at Christmastime. Perfect to read during the Pandemic. Perfect to read when you are overwhelmed. This book will remind the reader that, not only is there a God, also that God loves YOU, and has a plan for you, and it is for good. The book describes how she began to pay attention to the opportunities that came her way, that she could have ignored, that, perhaps, we would ignore. As with all of us, those opportunities, the coincidences that brought them her way, the miracles that changed her life, (and ultimately her husband’s life as well) had to be acted upon. And she did act on them. And she purports that our lives can be transformed.” — Sarah Vogel

“Loved it…could NOT put it down. You informed my prayer practice like no other person, and for that I am ever grateful.” — Lisamarie Vana

“Loved it! Perhaps I am biased because I know you, but I found your life experiences fascinating and your definition of God and religion refreshing. We need to believe in a higher power, in the good of mankind and realize we are not at all different. I love your translation of the Lord’s Prayer. It resonated with me to the highest level and I will forever recite this version. The one I learned as a child never quite felt right. Your translation totally does.” — Angelique Padulo

“Very entertaining, interesting, well-researched, informative, amusing, easy reading, and great story. A could-not-put-it-down book. I would love to see this book made into a movie.  Perfect material and an amazing story.” — Ginny Kramvis

“I love the flow, love all the narrative about your life’s adventures, love the details and satisfying resolution of your relationship with Frank (meanwhile applauding his courage to let you tell it), love the way you paint a picture with words (hence I love your writing), love your passion about various things, and love your discussions and observations about God and spirituality.” — Melanie Boultier

“The flow of the book is flawless. The progression through your life and the evolution of your revelation from coincidence to miracle was brought forth in a way that felt natural/not forced. I appreciated how your faith is inclusive and broad, yet extraordinarily personal to you.” — Heidi Hopkins

“I loved it. I think it attacks a subject that has been written about before
from a new direction. (Your) “miracles” are squarely in the realm of the spiritual. They are small in nature and large in impact because you explain how they manifested themselves in your life with such clarity.” — Beth Turchi