5.5 x 8.5

160 pages

ISBN 978-1-63755-518-7 soft cover

Mascot Books

Sophia Demas’s stories compellingly demonstrate that receiving signs and messages from departed friends and family is perfectly natural . . . if one is open to it. She offers no complicated formula. Some of the signs she has received came after asking for them, while others appeared unsolicited. Whether the communication comes via a dream, an inner urging to act, or from an external source, the key is to recognize it and respond with gratitude.

Consciousness Beyond Death also provides scientific research on Universal Consciousness, though its existence is yet to be proven. Although scientists are studying after death communications (ADCs), Sophia challenges the reader to come to their own conclusions. With her inimitable storytelling, the events that she and her friends experienced spur hope that the mystery of life continues after what we believe to be death. One is left wondering how these awe-inspiring communications could possibly happen without the existence of Universal Consciousness.