What people are saying about Consciousness Beyond Death

[Consciousness Beyond Death, Sophia Demas’] second book, collects a number of significant experiences of after death communication involving family members and friends. Again, it is important to pay attention to inner cues and signs of communication, and especially to timing in terms of explaining specifics. Each case conveys its own lessons and evidential insights, and sometimes communications not only provide comfort, but can even save lives or enable an emotional completion that otherwise would not have taken place. All cases responded to certain needs, and none can be adequately explained without postulating consciousness beyond the brain. A book for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

David Lorimer

Program Director, Editor, and Paradigm Explorer Chair, Galileo Commission

This book is an engaging contribution to our growing understanding of consciousness.

Debra Greene, PhD

Author of Endless Energy


“You are not giving the world something and asking us to believe it is true or that it qualifies as a miracle. You are giving the world parts of your life that you found inspiring and inviting us to share in that inspiration. Your book is an invitation to celebrate the miracle perspective, not a challenge to believe in that perspective. Let that celebratory energy give your story wings.”

Mary Reed

Author of Unwitting Mystic–Evolution of the Message of Love

[The Divine Language of Coincidence]–Sophia’s engaging memoir–expresses her adventurous and indomitable spirit in living her life to the full while paying attention to her inner voice that sometimes proposed an abrupt change of course to the dismay of her close family…Her life experience enabled her to understand the role of paying attention to synchronicities in enabling miraculous transformations. Sophia also has a powerful inner knowingness that she is being taken care of–which in fact applies to us all if we are open. Sophia writes that ‘when I had taken action to express my intention through prayer or gratitude, it was in conjunction with a strong emotion emanating from the heart. When a coincidence was brought into my awareness, again I took action with intention and emotion.’ (p. 240)

Sophia has certainly led an interesting life, including working with Buckminster Fuller, spells as long-term student, architect, art historian, entrepreneur, dress designer and the workshop leader on Living a Fearless Life. …A Course in Miracles plays a pivotal role. …Another important lesson is that obstacles often turn out to be blessings in disguise – even the story of writing this book is a case in point of surrendering to a larger intent. …The clarity of living her truth comes across as an inspiration to the reader to follow suit.

David Lorimer

Programme Director, Editor, and Paradigm Explorer Chair, Galileo Commission

“I finished reading it late last night. Well, truth be told, it was early this morning. Once I got into the book I couldn’t put it down! This resulted in staying up way too late for several nights in a row. I blame you for my lack of sleep these last few days! I feel like I know you much better now, having shared in the extraordinary life events you have taken the time to describe so beautifully. Wow. Just. Wow. Sophia, your book is amazing – and important – especially in these challenging times!”

Debra Greene, Ph.D.

Author of Endless Energy

“I thought what an amazing journey! The book focuses on Sophia’s journey to personhood and the path she takes to achieve it. I am sure that the Dalai Lama would read it and like it.”

David Berg, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist